Garage Door Screens

A garage door screen is a screen which is installed next to or behind the regular garage door, and can easily be deployed or removed according to the clients’ needs. As a relatively new product to enter the market, garage screen doors have grown in popularity due to the benefits they confer. When in place, a garage screen door allows you to open the door for ventilation, work, or other purposes, while still protecting your garage area from dirt, bugs, and more.

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Different Designs of Garage Door Screens

There is a wide variety of different garage door screens, which includes products made from different designs, different materials and different functions. Generally speaking, there are three main types of systems: spring- loaded overhead, sliding, and roll-up. The spring loaded overhead door Plano is mounted on the roof of a garage and uses a set of tracks similar to the garage door itself, however it can only be lowered when the garage door is open. A sliding garage door screen is a rigid system of screen doors which can be either can be temporary or permanent, and is usually attached to the exterior part of the garage. The roll-up version is very similar to a tent flap, and is only firmly attached at the top of the outer part of the garage door opening.

Installing Garage Door Screens

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Depending on the type of the screen, this is a job that might require the services of a plano professional garage door installation technician. While roll up garage door screens (and some rigid sliding door versions) can easily be placed and removed by the clients themselves, installing garage springs – loaded overhead screens (which are the product chosen by most homeowners), as well as many sliding door models, is a precision job that must be left to an experienced professional.

The Garage Screens Door Experts

As a leading company in the garage door industry, we provide our clients with a comprehensive solution package for their garage door needs, which includes the delivery and installation of garage door screens. Our customer assistance and service begins at the consulting phase, in which we will come to your house and help you decide which type of garage door screen best fits your home, your needs, and your budget. As a leading regional company, we are in touch with various garage door screen manufacturers, and will procure the door for you at the lowest possible price. Depending on the model chosen by the client, installation will either be complimentary or at a symbolic price.

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What are The Costs Involved in Installing Garage Door Screens?

Customers looking for a garage screen door will be surprised to learn that this is an extremely affordable product, especially in models which do not include novelty features such as a pedestrian access door within the bigger garage door screens. In addition to the model, the material from which the screen is made plays a major role in determining the price of the door, and our staff will help you choose the one which best fits your needs and your budget.