Installing a Roll Up Garage Door

A roll up garage door is a great investment in your home security and property value, as it gives you extra storage space, easy operation, and much more. The garage door itself is operated by either a spring-loaded mechanism, which must be raised and lowered by hand, and a motor-operated door- which is the most common among private home owners. A garage door which is opened and closed by a motor will usually have two types of plano garage door opener buttons: one wall-mounted button inside the garage, and one or more remote control openers. We provide all the necessary services for roll up door owners, and can handle everything from installation to remote control garage door opener calibration. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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roll up garage door installation procedure

Generally speaking, there are two main types of  Plano roll up garage door installation jobs that we provide to our clients: total installation and partial installation. A total installation procedure is usually done as a first installation in a new home, an upgrade to a better door, or due to extensive wear and tear to one or more of the existing door components. In this procedure, all components of the door, as well as the motor which operates it, are installed, and calibrated to ensure its smooth operation. In a partial installation, a new door is custom-made to match an existing set of rails, installed by our technicians, and connected to the existing motor. (although a new one can also be installed). In both cases, we also connect and calibrate the garage door opener controllers.

The Costs of a Roll Up Garage Door  Installation

The price of  installing a roll up garage door depends first and foremost on the cost of the door itself, as well as whether you require a full or partial installation. An additional factor that affects the costs of a partial installation is the condition of the existing garage door infrastructure. This is a result of the time which is required to make adjustments in order to make the new door fit and operate smoothly. Generally speaking, a roll up garage door costs more to buy, install, and maintain, however it is an investment that pays dividends from day one.

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Motor versus spring operated roll up garage doors:

The original version of the roll up garage door was spring-operated, however it is still in use despite the invention of the, newer, motor operated roll up garage door opener mechanisms. The main advantage of the garage door spring loaded version is that the installation and maintenance costs are lower, however the drawback to this is that it must be operated by hand. This type of door is primarily found in commercial buildings, with most residential clients opting to install a motor operated roll up garage door. The main advantage of a motor operated garage door is comfort; allowing clients to open and close the door without having to leave their car.

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