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Plano Garage Door Repair Services is a Texas based company, providing a variety of garage door repair services to the residents of the Plano and the surrounding area. Our team of dedicated technicians and administrators is available 24/7 to repair or upgrade your garage door, garage door openers, and other parts and mechanisms related  to the smooth operation of garage door repair plano. If your garage door is old, or has malfunctioned, call Plano Garage Door and opener Services and schedule a meeting with one of our team members TODAY!

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There are several elements about our Plano Garage Door & Opener that separate us from the pack when it comes to the availability of Plano garage door springs repair services. The first and foremost advantage of garage door repair plano is the quality of our employees at both the technical and management levels. Our technicians are graduates of the finest trade schools in the country, certified both locally and nationally, and are recruited after having proved their skills in the field.  The second advantage of hiring Garage Door Repair Plano Tx Services is that we offer the lowest rates in the greater Dallas area, and we proudly guarantee that we will outbid any offer presented to us. If you are a Plano resident, and have encountered an issue with your Plano overhead garage door, we invite you to seek our assistance and join a long line of satisfied clients.



There are several reasons in which it is absolutely vital that you invest in maintaining your plano garage door, however the main one is that your garage door is often the first line of home-defense, and a malfunctioning garage door leaves homeowners exposed to the threat of burglary and more.

At Plano Garage Door & opener Services, we believe that it is because of the important role that this seemingly simple item plays in maintaining the safety and security of your family and possessions, that no expenses can (or should) be spared in ensuring the integrity of your garage door repair plano TX.

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While there are many companies who offer garage door repair in Plano, TX, we are the only garage door company with a long-standing record of excellence and customer satisfaction in the greater Dallas area. Plano Garage Door & opener Services has won awards and acclaim across the board since we first opened in 2005- and is committed to maintaining and improving this record in the future. “With our goals firmly set, we rely on the successes and accomplishments of the past to challenge ourselves in the future”, says owner John.  

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Repairing broken or malfunctioning garage doors in Plano is one of the main services provided by Plano Garage Doors Services. With the understanding that Murphy’s Law prevails over all else, and your Plano garage door & opener is most likely to break down at the worst possible timing, we are available to respond to your location around the clock, and are committed to a 15 minute policy, meaning that one of our skilled technicians will be in their vehicle and on their way within a quarter of an hour- rain or shine- to give you the best service for the lowest prices in Texas.

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The best garage door repair in Plano. TX

It is quite common to hear about someone with the need for a garage door repair in Plano, TX, and we are happy to be one of the primary companies in the area to cater to this need. Updated about the latest techniques and quipped with the newest tools, the expert technicians of Plano Garage Door repair have the experience and skills to do the job quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable rate it doesn’t mater if its Plano garage door installation or repair we are here for you all the time for any job.

We are available 24/7 to answer your calls, and in cases of emergency we will have a team member dispatched to your location within 15 minutes. We provide garage repair services in Plano and the surrounding area to various types of garage doors: spring loaded and motor operated, overhead doors, swing-out doors, roll up garage doors in plano and more.  Since we work with all the major names and brands in the industry, we can guarantee to fix every type of damage to your plano garage door repair. When considering our skills, our experience, our personnel, and our track record, it is no wonder that we are considered to be one of the best companies for garage door repair in Plano TX.

Plano garage door and opener installation

Plano garage door and opener installations happen every day; whether as part of accessorizing of a new home,  irreparable damage to an existing door, or simply homeowners’ desire to improve their existing one. The first part of Plano garage door and opener installation is measuring the dimensions of the prospective door. Since precision is paramount in this part of the process, it is important that it be done with a professional which will also know how to account for additional elements ( such as the tracks on which the door will slide and the space for the motor operating the door, and others) into the calculated dimensions. With the dimensions of the door, we will then present customers with the variety of available Plano garage door and opener installation packages, and order their door of choice from the manufacturer.  Once the door has arrived, we will schedule a date in which one of our Plano Garage Door technicians will install your door and opener.

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Plano Garage Door & Opener Repair

There are many reasons in which clients would require Plano garage door & opener repair, which range from normal wear and tear to an accidental impact with one of the door’s mechanisms or parts. Depending on the extent of the damage, the damaged door or parts can be fixed or replaced, however in some cases, a complete door and/or operating mechanism installation must be necessary. Once calling Plano Garage Door & opener repair, we will first ask you a few questions over the phone in order to assess the problem and delegate your call to the appropriate specialist on our team. We will then schedule an appointment at your convenience, in which our technician will inspect the damaged part or parts and give you an assessment of the extent of the damage, the necessary repairs, and their costs. If the issue is minor, we will fix it during the first meeting; however if the damage is extensive (and especially if it requires installing new parts), we will schedule a date in which to perform the repairs.

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Contacting Garage Door Repair Plano TX

Clients have a few methods of contacting garage door repair Plano TX, with the popular three being by phone, by e-mail, and by filling a contact form on our website. While it is a matter of personal comfort, garage door repair Plano TX recommend that clients who wish to schedule an installation contact us by email: it is better for future reference, it allows you to give us pertinent information ahead of time, and it helps maintain order in our service to you. Naturally, phone is the optimal method of contacting Plano garage door for emergency garage door services, and you can do so 24/7. The last method of contacting garage door repair Plano TX is by filling out the form in our website. An inside tip: we get those as a regular email, so using this method really is a matter of your personal preference and convenience. All three contact methods are available on our website under the “Contact Us” tab.

Plano Garage Door Repair are Locals

local Repair company for garage doorPlano Garage Door Repair is a local company through and through. We came from this community and we are happy to be able to offer comprehensive garage door repair, and other, services to the community of the greater Dallas area. Our dedicated team of Plano Garage Door Repair technicians approaches every job with the understanding that we are serving our families, our friends, and our neighbors, and we use only the most up-to-date tools, materials, and techniques when performing garage door repairs in Plano and beyond. Call Plano Garage Door Repair today to learn how we can help you with your garage door issues.