Garage is one of the most crucial places in our house and we are solely dependent on garage doors for safeguarding our assets. Like any other door of the house, the garage door is also operated multiple times in a day which can cause wear and tear. This can lead to improper functioning of the garage door. The locking feature of the garage door is also crucial as most of the times, garages are internally connected to the house. So a garage door lock that is not working well can leave not just your car unattended but can also act as an inlet for thieves and robbers. If you are wondering “How to check if my garage door is in good condition?”, then read on to find out.

garage door overheadTo check if your garage door is in good condition, the easiest and simplest thing you can do is to look. Observe your garage door and see if it is operating smoothly or does it jerk while opening and closing. Also check if both sides of the garage door closing system – which include the pulley and cables, look symmetrical. If not then there could be a problem. The other simple check you can do is to hear the sound your Plano garage doors makes while opening or closing. If there is any kind of jittering or screeching sound, any kind of scraping sound, it could be an indicator of your garage door not functioning properly.

The hardware of the garage door needs to be checked to see if all the screws and bolts are tight and in place. Any loosened part of the garage door should be fixed to ensure smooth operation. Another test for garage door is the way it balances. If the door is not balanced properly, it will require additional efforts for Plano garage door opener to operate which can cause the opener to get damaged and break easily. After disconnecting the opener, the door should be moved up half way manually. If the door does not stay put, it requires an adjustment of garage door springs plano for which professionals should be reached out to.

Proceeding further, it is important to inspect the rollers of the garage door. Whether of steel or nylon, rollers wear out over time and can create troubles during movement of the door. If they are cracked, worn out or are chipped, they need to be replaced immediately. Inspect the weather seal strip present at the bottom of your garage door. This rubber weather seal strip can also wear out with time and get cracked and chipped. Such seals can easily be replaced with new ones that are available in supermarkets. In case any moving part of the garage door is found to be making sounds indicating friction, simply lubricating them can solve the problem. It is important to oil and lubricate the moving parts of your garage door every once in a while to avoid their breakage.

As the last step, inspect the cables of the garage door to see if there are any kind of damages or broken strands. Any such finding should be followed by inspection by technicians who can recommend the right solution. Any issues in the operation of the garage door are clear indication that the door is not in good working condition and needs repairs. Inspect your garage door regularly to catch any issues early and save yourself bigger troubles later.