Misconception #1

Not needed to fix or repair

“Why should I spend more money on garage door company while I can fix it myself?” 

Replacing any work on your garage door yourself is DANGEROUS. It’s not just replacing a set of springs. Many lost their fingers in an attempt to be the handyman. Professionals know what they are doing by positioning themselves in the correct way to limit their risks for any mishaps.


Misconception #2

All Garage Door Companies offer bad services and quality

Not all garage door company offers the same value. There are companies who employ sub-contractors and delay their work to make more commission themselves. Avoid these shady practices. Choose a garage door company that insures their emgarage door company in plano txployees.

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Misconception #3

They sell all the same garage door

They do not! There are numerous designs, quality and colours to choose from and most can be custom made to fit and suit your house appearance and desires.


Misconception #4

They offer unreliable garage door services

A valid garage door company always check their technician’s work. They make ascertain the project is accomplished as scheduled.


Misconception #5

Additional Charges

There are always additional charges in seeking emergency services from a garage door company if your door is NOT WARRANTED. But a reputable garage door company is always upfront about their prices.


Misconception #6


Many still do not understand the importance of garage door warranty. A warrant means the company is still responsible for any genuine breakdowns of the garage door.


Misconception #7


Cheaper quotes are often unreliable and services offered are not up to par. Prices must be an exchange of professionals’ high standard of work and work values. Always compare prices with the different company to validate their asking prices.


Misconception #8

Poor quality product

A reputable company will dispel that misconception immediately. A garage door company will always show you the difference between quality products and its price range against shoddy products.


Misconception #9

Unfriendly services

Many have debunked such misconception that garage door company offer unreliable and unfriendly support services. A good technician from a reliable company is always thorough in their assessments and delivers fast and satisfactory results


Misconception #10

Terrible Customer Services

Many garage door companies value their customers and give them the necessary attentions in explaining the process and fees in respectful manners.


Misconception #11

Poor workmanship

A garage door company’s status can be seen through their maintenance work and repair. Not all delivers sloppy, messy and lazy workmanship. Employed technicians are a representative of their brand therefore, choose only garage door company that employs and uses subcontractors.


Misconception #12

Doesn’t show up on time

Not all garage door company are late for their scheduled appointment. There are companies that honor all service appointments by respecting their customer’s time.


Misconception #13

High-pressure tactics

If the garage door company is pressuring you to make a quick decision, be cautious. They are only interested in sales. But you can find many reliable and honest companies that will take the time to understand your needs.


Misconception #14

Payment First

Not all garage door company demand full payment before the project is complete. A good reliable garage door company always finishes off their project before sending an invoice.


Misconception #15

Bragging and Advertising Schemes

If you choose localized garage door company, you will most likely avoid such scams that advertises discounts, empty promises of a quick response and boasts of its services without ever so much in hearing of them before.