Plano garage door openers pose a world that can be quite difficult to navigate. The openers differ in horse power and mechanism styles. This article aims to demystify the garage door openers we have available and to give you a better idea of which one would be a good fit for your specific needs. We also offer a service for garage door opener repair, and this applies to the full selection of units.

First, the level of horse power comes into play. Secondly, you must decide if a belt opener, a chain or a screw drive option is best for you. They are all available in our selection of Plano garage door openers. You can find the best fit by considering the style and weight of your door, your noise requirements and of course, your budget. Safety regulations dictate that all openers close the door at seven inches per second, so this does not need to be considered.

Chamberlain WD962KEVMost doors also open at around this speed, although some are faster. We recommend a direct current operated motor as these contain battery backup, resulting in a smooth operating door during a power cut. Perhaps you are having problems with your current unit and you are considering the best option for its replacement. Plano garage door opener repair and new openers installation could offer you an inexpensive alternative by fixing it instead of exchanging it for a new one.

Most doors only require ½ Horse Power and this is the most common option, but if you are looking for an opener for an industrial door or a particularly heavy residential one, you will need to look into ¾ or 1 Horse Power. ¾ Power is a bit hardier than ½ Power and could be a more sustainable option for your garage door opener as a heavier insulated door can put strain on a lower powered mechanism. Your garage door opener specialist will be able to advise you as to the best option for your personal specs.

garage door opener installationBelt or jackshaft mechanisms are known for being the quietest option and are thus a good choice if your garage shares a wall with your home. However, if the belt operator changes current, the shift will counteract the quietness of the unit as it jolts from one to the other with a loud noise. Certain jackshaft systems lock automatically upon shutting which is an added security feature to look out for. Plano garage door repair specialists recommend a chain drive system for heavier doors, the only downside to this being that it is quite a noisy option. A screw drive unit is best matched to tilting doors and is also a quieter option. It is also good to bear in mind that the screw drive option requires the most upkeep as it needs regular lubrication.

Examine your garage door and the space surrounding it to determine the Horse Power you will need to operate it. There is a range of good quality garage door openers that will suit every kind of space. Some other things to consider include lighting, ease of installation, additional security features and user-friendliness. We hope that this article has helped you to better understand the selection of Plano garage door openers.