The cost to replace 16×7 garage door is dictated mainly by the choice of material, and decorative features. Typically, a garage door can be a simple tilt-up model or a hinged roll-up model. Aluminum, steel and wood are some of the common materials used in most garage doors.

Affordable options to replace 16×7 garage door

A single piece 16×7 aluminum tilt-up garage door will cost anything between $500 and $800 to replace. Aluminum is light, rust-free but may dent easily. The average cost to replace a 16×7 tilt-up wood garage door should be $400-$700.

16x7 garage door

Costlier options

Sectional roll-up wood garage doors average $800-$1000 to replace. Customized wood panels may cost as high as $2500-$3000 depending on the type of wood used and the additional decorative features. Wood doors may be costly in the long-run due to regular maintenance to prevent warping. A steel garage door is a more durable option that will cost about $750-$1200.

Additional costs to replace 16×7 garage door

Some garage door models don’t have automatic openers; in such cases, adding an opener may raise the cost by about $200-$300. Additional features such as windows may also increase your garage door replacement and new installation cost.