If you’re currently trying to figure out the overall garage door spring replacement cost, you’ve likely found yourself in a bad situation. The garage door’s springs are truly some of the most important components of your garage door. If something goes wrong with the springs, your garage door will become inoperable and you may not be able to get your vehicle in or out of the garage. Although it may be possible to rectify this problem on your own, the procedure can be a little dangerous, so it is generally best to learn about the garage door spring repair cost and hand over the money. Below, you’ll learn all about the procedure, its cost, and the dangers of doing it on your own.

Examining Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

When attempting to repair their garage door’s springs, the mass majority of consumers will attempt to find the most cost-effective solution. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and cost is only a minute factor to consider. In fact, it is generally best to ignore the garage door spring repair cost, until you’ve taken the time to consider the dangerous nature of the repair. If you make a mistake, you could be seriously injured and the items within your garage could be damaged greatly. The good news is that hiring a professional to carry out the repair is always a possibility and the garage door spring replacement cost is fairly minimal.

broken garage door spring cost

Although the price will vary from service provider to service provider, you will generally only be required to pay for the replacement springs and the labor costs. This may run you a few hundred dollars at the most. However, the price is truly well worth it. Hiring a professional garage door repair company in Plano will help to ensure the project is completed correctly and that it is done so in a safe manner. Calling a certified garage door contract is generally recommended. It is also essential to remember that special tools ae needed, in order to work with garage door springs. If you don’t have access to these tools, purchasing them is not recommended.

Garage Door Spring Repair Cost – Knowing When To Pay

Before picking up the phone and contacting a Garage Door repairman, it is absolutely essential to make sure you actually need to do so. In some cases, a few minor tweaks will be able to rectify the problem and you may very well be able to save yourself a little bit of money. Take the time to carefully inspect your garage door springs. The spring will run across the top of the beam, so identifying it shouldn’t be overly difficult. Take note of the current condition of your garage door springs. Does the spring appear to be rusty and in bad condition? Has the spring been broken or damaged?

When opening and closing the door, you should listen carefully. Do you hear a grinding noise? If the noise is obvious and the spring is rusted, you should consider lubricating it. In many cases, a little lubrication will help to negate the grinding noise and will extend the longevity of your springs. If this doesn’t help and the garage door still operates erratically, you’ll want to pick up the phone and make contact with a professional.

broken torsion spring cost

Disconnecting The Power

One of the first steps that must be taken when doing any minor or major repairs on a garage door is disconnecting the electrical source. Many technicians will start out by unplugging the garage door opener, but you should also follow up with an electric voltmeter test. You can purchase these devices at any retail or home improvement store at a very affordable cost. Of course, many handymen already have one of these devices stored away in their toolbox.

Garage door spring replacement cost is affordable, especially if you do all of the labor. It is important to make sure that the power is completely disconnected from the unit. You may want to go ahead and remove the fuse from the panel or flip the circuit breaker. Once you do this, you need to do a quick test, utilizing the voltmeter.

Weighing The Garage Door

In order to come up with accurate torsion spring dimension, you will need to weigh your garage door. While, this may sound a little outlandish, it is truly necessary. When completing this process, you will need to find a traditional analog bathroom scale. Avoid digital scales, because they must be placed in a specific position in order for them to work properly. Also, digital scales will not display the actual weight for an extended period of time, which means that you would have to reset the scale, just to get it to work efficiently.

You will need to remove the arm and disengage the trolley from the drawbar carriage. If you have never done this before, you may need to hire a professional contractor. If you think you are skilled enough to continue forward, you should go ahead and complete these tasks. Attach the scale to a 2 x 4 and then position it in the front, center of the door. Reinstall the cables on the drum, even if both springs are broken. Utilizing a winding bar gently pull down on the cone near the damaged spring. Place the scale directly underneath the door and record the measurement. You may need to utilize more than one scale for this process, especially if the garage door is extremely heavy.

Understanding The Dangers

The mass majority of homeowners have never been required to work with garage door springs. This has resulted in most people being completely unaware of the dangers and risks involved. Well, if you didn’t know, working with garage door springs can be very dangerous and could result in serious injury. If you’re not careful, you could potentially break a finger, get pinched, or even lose an eye. And, if the repair job is performed incorrectly, the risks will be elevated substantially. The door might not open properly or the spring might snap, when the door attempts to open.

This will also put the items within the garage in danger. And, you need to remember that fixing the springs will require you to first remove the old ones and then install the new ones. This increases the chance of injury and the risk is generally not worth taking. Although the garage door spring replacement cost might decrease the size of your wallet, it is truly the best way to move forward.