Noisy overhead doors are triggered by loose hardware, worn rollers, or parts which need to be lubed or maybe one simple fix can do the job. Plano Overhead Door will investigate step by step each possible area due to which the noise maybe coming.

Tighten all parts

Snug up the bolts and all of the nuts of your overhead door and see if any worn out parts need to be replaced. Then use a good lubricant to spray over the overhead garage door.

The fixes for an Plano overhead garage door which make a racket sound while opening and closing are really easy and can take less than an hour to be fixed. Begin by tracking the hardware and tightening the entire overhead door. Tighten all the nuts but make sure that you do not over tighten this can pull the bolt heads right through the garage door strip.

Replace worn Overhead Door rollers

Now check for any worn out hinges or worn rollers. Most of the rollers have bearings which self-destruct after being used for a number of years usually in a bad atmosphere. Replace each overhead door roller by tilting the roller and unbolting the hinge out of the track. Reinstall the hinges by swapping out the rollers.

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Install New Overhead Garage Door Hinges

Worn out hinges are rare to be seen as in comparison of worn rollers. However sloppy hinges tend to produce a lot of nose and can result in door to wear out and bind the tongue and groove joints for the overhead door sections.

Grease the Overhead Garage Doors tracks

Check Plano overhead garage door opener chain. A loose Plano garage door opener makes loud slapping sounds which results in jerky movements of the door which smacks the roller against the track. So begin by making the chain tight. If a track drive opener is available the other step would be to lubricate the opener track with grease.