The Transmitter

This is the small device that is activated either by pressing a switch located in your garage, or on a small fob usually kept with the keys to your car. When pressed this transmitter sends out a signal to the doors power unit which is usually an electric motor. Today this equipment is wireless which allows for opening of the garage from the car without having to get out. However, most garage doors today have a safety feature incorporated which allows for manual operation of the door in case of a power failure or any kind of emergency.

The Power Unit

It is often thought that this motor which hangs from the ceiling of your garage is what generates the majority of the power that opens the door. However, this unit only provides a small amount of energy that serves only to control how far open or closed the door goes. It is attached to a track and is typically located towards the center or rear of the garage ceiling.

What Actually Opens the Door

You may have noticed large springs that are attached to the backside of your garage door. These cables are what provide the tension that lifts open the door when the motor is activated. A trolley device that is attached to a track is connected to the motor, and when this arm-like device moves back and forth in the track the garage door opens. While the technology has undergone a few significant changes since its invention, modern day trolleys are pulled along the track via a chain, belt, or screw depending on what type of opener is installed in your home. Most homes now also have sensors located at the bottom two corners of the floor and will trigger the door back into opening if something or someone is blocking the way.

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