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Garage door insulation is done with the aims of controlling the climatic conditions in the garage as well as prevention of disturbances from street noise. It also lowers energy bills.The insulation process should cost about two hundred dollars. This is the standard process for two nine foot wide doors.
One can insulate a garage door using batt insulation, foam board insulation and reflective insulation.
Batt insulation is a flexible type of insulation and it is made of fiberglass.
Foam board insulation is made of polystyrene and reflective insulation makes use of aluminium foil.All these types are very effective in controlling conditions in the garage to your preferred requirements.
For one to insulate a garage door, it is a good idea to purchase an insulation kit. The kit contains the insulation rolls or boards, fasteners, knives and gloves.
One should follow the following steps when one wants to insulate a garage door.

    • Gather all the materials that you need during the insulation process. You can buy the items separately or purchase an insulation kit.
      Take measurement of the doors. Cut up the insulation rolls or boards and add an inch to the cut up heights. This enables the creation of air gaps when you attach the
    • insulation to the door. The insulation should curve outward when it is attached. The air gap created reduces summer heat.
    • Repeat the measuring and cutting up process till the whole door is covered.
  1. Steel garage doors. With these types of doors, one can use any of the three types of insulation. Batt insulation can be stuffed in the frames around the panels or the foam board insulation can be used in the frame.
  2. Wood frame and panel doors.One can install two layers of foam board insulation between the door frames so as to control conditions in the garage.
  3. Flat garage doors.These can be insulated using reflective insulation or foam board insulation. The insulation is glued or taped to the door.

Noisy overhead doors are triggered by loose hardware, worn rollers, or parts which need to be lubed or maybe one simple fix can do the job. Plano Overhead Door will investigate step by step each possible area due to which the noise maybe coming.

Tighten all parts

Snug up the bolts and all of the nuts of your overhead door and see if any worn out parts need to be replaced. Then use a good lubricant to spray over the overhead garage door.

The fixes for an Plano overhead garage door which make a racket sound while opening and closing are really easy and can take less than an hour to be fixed. Begin by tracking the hardware and tightening the entire overhead door. Tighten all the nuts but make sure that you do not over tighten this can pull the bolt heads right through the garage door strip.

Replace worn Overhead Door rollers

Now check for any worn out hinges or worn rollers. Most of the rollers have bearings which self-destruct after being used for a number of years usually in a bad atmosphere. Replace each overhead door roller by tilting the roller and unbolting the hinge out of the track. Reinstall the hinges by swapping out the rollers.

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Install New Overhead Garage Door Hinges

Worn out hinges are rare to be seen as in comparison of worn rollers. However sloppy hinges tend to produce a lot of nose and can result in door to wear out and bind the tongue and groove joints for the overhead door sections.

Grease the Overhead Garage Doors tracks

Check Plano overhead garage door opener chain. A loose Plano garage door opener makes loud slapping sounds which results in jerky movements of the door which smacks the roller against the track. So begin by making the chain tight. If a track drive opener is available the other step would be to lubricate the opener track with grease.


Have you ever lost your garage door opener and you couldn’t find the exact kind of remote to replace it? Then a universal garage door opener is for you!

A universal garage door opener is designed to work with multiple kinds of garage doors, so it is perfect to buy just in case you lost your original remote, or you need to buy a new garage door.

  • Where can I buy one?
    You can find a universal garage door opener on almost any home improvement or Garage door repair company. They also sell many different kinds of universal garage door openers, ranging from simple to complex. You can buy them in stores such as:
  • Plano Garage Door
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Chamberlain
  • Lowes
  • Amazon.

Why should I buy one?
Everyone with a garage door should buy a universal garage door opener, because it is best to have one just in case. Universal garage door openerscan improve your experience with having a garage door and just your garage in general.

The Working Principle

  • It is important to note that the mechanism involved in opening and closing of garage doors is not new. This operation employs an age-old mechanism in which an upward force is used to counterbalance the weight of the door.
  • Counter weights were popular in the past to generate this upward force to open doors. However, springs have since proved to be better candidates by far and subsequently replaced counter weights in the counterbalance system.
  • The working principle is fairly simple. When a spring is stretched (for instance when the door is being closed), it deforms elastically and stores a potential energy equal to the stretching force (the weight of the garage door) . When the stretching force is removed, the potential energy stored in the spring is released to lift up the door.

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Types of Garage Door Springs

  • The two types of spring commonly used in garage doors are the torsion springs and the extension springs, both of which adopt the working principle highlighted above.
  • They are mounted on either side of the door opening and attached to cables whose other ends are tied to the bottom corners of the garage doors. The only notable difference between the two types of springs is that while the extension springs stretch and recoil during operation, the torsion springs wind and unwind.
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There has been several common complaints and questions about why garage door wont stay closed.

garage door wont stay closedIn many instances this common problem is as a result of adjusting the limits improperly.
When you have the right limits you will avoid the question of why garage door wont stay closed.
You should therefore ensure your limits are set correctly as per the manual.
You should also check the photo sensors that offers safety so that the door does not close on objects or people.
These sensors are located at the bottom of the garage door.

You may consider doing the following:

  1. Ensure that there are no obstacles in the path followed by the door as it opens.
  2. You should remove any loose hangings from the door or fix them properly.
  3. You should also make sure the lenses of the sensors are clean.
  4. You should look at the connection of the sensor to power to see that everything is correct and secure

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The Transmitter

This is the small device that is activated either by pressing a switch located in your garage, or on a small fob usually kept with the keys to your car. When pressed this transmitter sends out a signal to the doors power unit which is usually an electric motor. Today this equipment is wireless which allows for opening of the garage from the car without having to get out. However, most garage doors today have a safety feature incorporated which allows for manual operation of the door in case of a power failure or any kind of emergency.

The Power Unit

It is often thought that this motor which hangs from the ceiling of your garage is what generates the majority of the power that opens the door. However, this unit only provides a small amount of energy that serves only to control how far open or closed the door goes. It is attached to a track and is typically located towards the center or rear of the garage ceiling.

What Actually Opens the Door

You may have noticed large springs that are attached to the backside of your garage door. These cables are what provide the tension that lifts open the door when the motor is activated. A trolley device that is attached to a track is connected to the motor, and when this arm-like device moves back and forth in the track the garage door opens. While the technology has undergone a few significant changes since its invention, modern day trolleys are pulled along the track via a chain, belt, or screw depending on what type of opener is installed in your home. Most homes now also have sensors located at the bottom two corners of the floor and will trigger the door back into opening if something or someone is blocking the way.

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  • The garage door sensors works by as follows, the laser beam have to come into contact with each other in order to close and in case something is giving hindrance to the path disconnecting the laser lights,it usually open up again.
  • The sensors have to be placed at least 2 inches above the floor, to be able to easily detect the obstruction.
  • It necessary to check the sensors arrangement time and again.
  • Experts do suggest that you check the beam sensors at least once a month to ensure it performing perfectly,and by this you are assured it will function for long.

garage door sensorsPlano Garage Door suggest that if you don’t have sensors in your garage installed yet, make efforts to install garage door sensors as the cost that you will incur will not beat safety of your family and more so your property you value very much.


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