Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting – Diagnosing and Fixing The Problem

Are you aware of the fact that garage door opener troubleshooting can be incredibly difficult and dangerous? Unfortunately, the garage door opener is one of the most pertinent and impactful components of the entire garage door system. If the opener begins to malfunction, the door may not open fully or it may not open at all. When this happens, you’ll need to take steps to quickly identify the problem, so you can remedy it and get your garage door up and running in perfect condition once again. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the most common automatic garage door troubleshooting tips, so you can get the problem fixed rapidly.

Garage Opener Doesn’t Operate

As you should already know, the garage door opener can be operated in two different manners. Most homes will have a switch on the wall that will initiate the opener and open and close the door. Also, you should have a remote control or keyfob, which allows you to open the door from the outside. If you’ve noticed that the garage door opener isn’t operating, you will want to make sure this is the case with both. First, take the time to check the keyfob and then take moment to try the wall switch. If the wall switch works, but the keyfob doesn’t, the problem might be dead batteries. However, if neither works, you’re likely dealing with a problem with the power source.

Garage Opener Doesn’t Operate

First and foremost, make sure the unit is plugged into the power outlet. Secondly, you may need to check the circuit breaker and fuse. Does everything check out? If nothing appears out of the ordinary, you may need to turn off the breaker and examine the wiring. This specific garage door opener troubleshooting procedure can be tricky and may require the assistance of a professional. However, if you’re lucky, you might be able to swap out the batteries and get things working properly again.

garage door opener circuit breaker

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Automatic Garage Door Troubleshooting – Door Won’t Close Or Reverses

Garage doors can be very tricky and you may experience a problem in which the door refuses to close fully or reverses before it hits the ground. When this happens, you’ll need to check to make sure the close limit switch is set to an appropriate setting. If it is not, you’ll need to increase or decrease the limit accordingly. Although this might seem like an effortless garage door opener troubleshooting task to complete, it is actually much more difficult than you could ever imagine. First and foremost, you should grab a 2 by 4 or similar piece of wood and stick it under the center of the door. Now, hit the button and watch the door close.

garage Door Won’t Close Or Reverses

Does the door hit the wood and reverse as intended? Or, does it hit the wood and begin to bind? If everything is in working order, the garage door should hit the wood and immediately begin to reserve. If the door hits the wood and continues downward, the garage door could become damaged! When this happens, you should decrease the close limit.

Burnt Odor And Smoking Emitting From The Unit

The garage opener is compiled of an array of components, making it very difficult to pinpoint the underlying problem. It is not unusual to smell a burnt odor and see a little smoke cloud coming from a damaged unit. In fact, you may notice this several days, before the garage opener completely fails to submission. More often than not, the burnt odor is probably coming from a damaged motor. The motor is an intricate part of the unit’s operation and when it becomes damaged, a burnt odor may be the first sign that the homeowner notices.

Smoking From The garage Door Unit

As soon as you notice these signs, you should immediately begin preparing yourself, by going over the garage door opener troubleshooting guide.  This guide is often included in the manual, so it never hurts to pull it back out of storage and read it. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to contact a professional Plano overhead garage door contractor, because the problem will only continue to worsen, until a complete malfunction occurs.

Opener Making A Clicking Noise

A new garage door will perform flawlessly, but over time the inner components will become worn and damaged. If you notice a clicking noise coming from the unit, when the door is in the operation mode, you need to prepare for the inevitable. While, this may be a minor issue that can be repaired within a matter of seconds, the unit will still need maintenance. One of the first components that the technician will examine is the security lock. Replacing this component is very simple, but will require a skilled technician to complete the task properly.

Opener Making A Clicking Noise

A faulty circuit board may always be the contributing factor. An electrical surge or outage could potentially damage this component beyond repair. Of course, many times this is only a temporary issue, but it still needs to be addressed, just in case it happens again.

Garage Door Remote Doesn’t Work

The garage door remote can be incredibly beneficial, but it can also prove to be problematic from time to time. If the garage door remote fails to work, you may be stuck outside of your home. And, the situation is worsened by the fact that there are numerous problems, which can cause your garage door opener remote control to become inoperable. First and foremost, you will want to check the batteries. There is a possibility that the batteries have simply died. This will be a quick fix. Sadly, you may be dealing with something a little more complicated.

If the batteries have been replaced, yet the remote still won’t work, you’ll need to move close to the opener and see if that changes things. Also, be sure to check the antenna on the opening unit. Make sure the antenna is pointing up in the air. If none of these fixes have rectified the problem, you may need to replace the remote control or the garage door opener entirely.