Garage Door Repair Frisco TX

garage door repair Frisco TX provides a wide array of services for home and commercial garage door owners in the Frisco, TX, area. We pride ourselves in providing high quality service, short response times, and competitive prices. Whether the problem is with the pulleys, the torsion spring, the opening motor or the door itself, garage door repair frisco are happy to take your call and bring your door back to a working condition.

Frisco garage door repair emergency services

With the understanding that ,many people use the garage door as the main point of entry to their homes, and that garage doors can even break down (and usually do) at the most worst and unpredictable times, one of the main services that we, at the Frisco Garage Door Repair company provide to clients is a 24/7 response service, fully equipped and trained to handle everything from replacing a broken garage door spring to a full door replacement. Call us rain or shine, and we will have a technician on the way in 15 minutes or less.

garage door repair frisco tx

Staff of the Frisco Garage Door Repair Company

At Frisco Garage Door Repair, we only hire the best! Our dedicated staff of field technicians is carefully selected from among graduates of the finest technical colleges in Texas, as well as experienced technicians who have already proven their worth in the industry. Our technicians have worked on doors from all brands, types, and models, and are guaranteed to be able to resolve your issue quickly, cleanly, and in a cost efficient manner. Both our dispatchers and field personnel have earned a reputation for being service oriented, and we do everything within our power to make sure that you feel someone has your back!

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What you can expect during a Frisco Garage Door Repair

The first thing that garage door repair frisco tx technician will do is assess the situation, the damage, and the cost of the cheapest and best ways to repair it. Depending on the damage, and on your decision, our technicians will repair or replace the faulty component. In case the damage is extensive, and special parts will need to be ordered, garage door Frisco TX will send for it and begin the replacement in the meantime. If the part will take a longer time to arrive, we will set your garage door in a secure position and complete the garage door installation once the new component has arrived. Once we have completed the repair, we will make sure that it operates properly before leaving the premises.

Call garage door repair Frisco TX

If you think that your garage door, or its operating system, has broken down, call the garage door repair frisco tx Company immediately. With garage door systems becoming more and more advanced, only our skilled craftsmen have the training and experience necessary to make sure that your door is fixed quickly and efficiently. We also advise you not to wait until an emergency occurs. Schedule a regular inspection and maintenance for your garage door so that you can fix problems before they happen- it will save you time, money, and aggravation in the future.

Overhead Garage Door Repair Frisco

If you are looking for the best commercial or residential overhead garage door services for your building, Garage Door Repair Frisco is the place for you. Plano Overhead garage doors are a great investment because they have a reputation and track record of superior performance and reliability. In addition, the overhead garage door mechanism makes it space efficient, sleek, and comfortable to use. At Garage Door Repair Frisco TX we deal with installation of new doors as well as repair and maintenance of existing ones, and guarantee customer satisfaction from A to Z.

garage door repair frisco
garage door frisco tx

Garage Door Repair Frisco TX will fix your broken garage door spring

One of the most common repairs that Garage Door Repair Frisco TX technicians deal with is that of a broken garage door spring in Plano and the surrounding area. As a load bearing component of the garage door mechanism, it is prone to natural wear, which in turn can lead to the spring breaking. It is assumed that a spring will one day break, and they are therefore built to balance cost with durability. Our technicians have fixed hundreds, if not thousands, so give us a call if you think you have a busted spring.

garage door Frisco TX Spring replacement

The first thing that the best Garage Door Frisco TX technicians thought would be worth mentioning is that garage door springs are replaced, not repaired. The main reason is that problematic springs are usually broken or worn down to the point in which they cannot perform their function. Since springs are expected to have a natural wear and tear, and the onset of problems usually begins when the spring is broken or worn down to the point where it fails to do its job, replacing the spring is the optimal solution. We have replaced many springs and, if yours have stopped working, we’d be glad to fix your broken springs as well.

Call a Garage Door Repair Frisco TX technician

You might have seen videos explaining how to replace a garage door spring replacement by yourself, or read a blog that says how easy it is. This is, however, only true in theory; and replacing a garage door spring by yourself is something we do not advise. We at  garage door Frisco TX advise against a DIY repair for two main reasons: it is both complicated and dangerous. The truth is that a garage door spring needs to be able to carry the weight of the (several hundred pounds weighing) door, and choosing the wrong spring could end up damaging additional parts. In addition, the repair process itself is dangerous, and must be done by a trained professional in order to reduce risk. We guarantee that our service is both high quality and affordable, and we do it so that money will never stand in the way of safety.

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How much should a Frisco Garage Door spring replacement cost?

The cost of a Frisco Garage Door spring replacement depends on the type of door and the extent of the damage. For instance, replacing a tilt-up door could be as low as $150-200 including parts and labor. Fixing springs for roll-up doors, assuming that there are no obstructions in accessing the springs and their housing units, can be a bit more and $200-250 for a 2-car door. It is also important to note that if you regularly inspect and maintain your door, you can ask for a tension adjustment during your routine inspection. It will extend the life and elasticity of the spring, while reducing both wear to the product and future replacement costs.

Types of clients who use Garage Door Frisco TX services

There are many types of clients who benefit from Garage Door Frisco TX  services. Since we provide both domestic and commercial garage door services, we have worked on virtually every door type, make, and model. We have done work for homeowners as well as storage facility, warehouse, and factory owners. With the understanding that an inaccessible loading dock can lose money for a business , more and more clients have been showing an interest in our affordable commercial and industrial garage door maintenance; however installations and repair still constitute the most of our business.

Overhead Garage Door Frisco TX: a people’s favorite

We have seen many types of garage doors since our company first entered the garage door repair Frisco TX market. During our time, we have noticed that most clients in the area (and beyond) seem to prefer overhead doors with little, yet ornate, windows. This is probably done in an effort to combine appearance with security. As a company which specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of  overhead garage doors, we have received incredible feedback from satisfied clients, and we are happy to faithfully continue serving our community.

Contacting Garage Door Repair Frisco

There are several ways in which clients can contact Garage Door Repair Frisco, of which the main ones are email, phone, and chat. Reaching us by phone is the quickest way. We have a staff member available to take your call 24/7, as well as a technician that is committed to a 15 minute response time policy. If you are calling to schedule a maintenance appointment, upgrade, or any other non-urgent issue, you can also email us (through a link on our website) or talk to one of our representatives via chat. All ways of contacting us can be found on our website, and we invite you to call on us if you need help with your garage door.

The best Frisco garage door repair customers can expect

As the best company in the Frisco area, we only work with the best: the best brands, the best tools, the best technicians and the best techniques. To our employees we emphasize customer service, as well as technical aptitude and industry knowledge.  Our clients know that when they call Garage Door Repair Frisco, they are calling a company that cares; which is why we pledge nothing but the best to our clients, along with the guarantee of quality and care in every aspect of the job.


Choosing a Frisco garage door

If you are considering getting as new garage door, there are several things which you must consider. You must consider not only the cost of the door, but also its security capabilities (after all, for many people, the garage is their main point of entry to their home), its dimensions and their compatibility with your garage, as well as its appearance and the first impression it creates. Overhead doors are, by far, the most space efficient, safest, and sleekest, but they are also the most expensive because of their structure, complexity of components, and other features. Nevertheless, our company’s network of suppliers allows us to purchase an overhead Frisco garage door for the lowest prices available on the market today. Call us to learn more about our full installation package