Garage Door Repair GuideThe garage door is an important part of your garage because it is what determines the safety of your car or whatever you decide to store inside your garage. Most overhead garage doors in Plano TX will either roll up in sections or simply swing up in a single piece, but they all operate on spring tension. The springs on the doors provide the power whenever the door moves on the metal tracks located on the garage walls. With so much activity, it is not uncommon to find the garage door having problems especially when opening it or closing it. However, simple repairs can fix the problems and enable the garage door to fully serve its purpose.

Some helpful garage door repair tips for common garage door problems are as follows:- 

Garage Door Brackets Repair

The tracks on the walls where the door moves up and down are usually held in place by brackets. Thanks to frequent door movements, the brackets can easily become loose and require tightening of the screws or bolts to make them firm. Sometimes the brackets can also become chipped, dented or damaged. Depending on the extend of bracket damage, a repair by pounding with a hammer can be done or complete replacement of the brackets with new ones.

Align The Tracks

The tracks should always be properly aligned. Most tracks are usually located on each side and have to have a height similar to the one of the garage door walls. To align tracks that are not in position, simply loosen them then tap them back to perfectly align them. When they become level, simply screw them back into place.

Garage Door Roller Maintenance

The rollers of a garage door are responsible for the smooth movement of the garage door. Sometimes the dirt and grease can accumulate on the rollers of your garage door and give you a hard time when you move it. If that is the case, simply clean the rollers to remove the dirt; you can use a concentrated household cleaner to remove the hardened grease and dirt. After cleaning the rollers, lubricate them with spray and powder and then your door will smoothly move.

Garage Door Hinges Repair

Hinges too can become easily damaged and often times require replacement. Lose, cracked or off center hinges should be replaced. Any cracks appearing on the concrete area near the hinges should be filled to prevent further damage. Sometimes the wood at the hinge could also be cracked and to prevent the hinges coming off, simply remove the hinge, fill the cracks then screw the holes using wood filler. Only replace the hinge after the filler has dried. If possible you can replace the wood with a solid one.

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On Overhead Spring Repair

Most garage doors have roll up garage doors in plano with only a single torsion spring located at the center of the door. In the invent that the spring is not functioning properly, never try to repair it unless you are a professional. Remember the tension is a lot and chances of getting injured are high. If your plano garage door has this kind of spring, a professional would be better placed to repair it.

To perform a successful garage door repair in Plano TX, you must be familiar with how different parts of your garage work. Fortunately the above information will no doubt steer you in the right direction.