Have you ever attempting to learn how to install garage door opener? If so, you’ll understand that the process is undeniably complicated and more difficult than the mass majority of consumers will ever imagine. Even after learning how to install a garage door opener, many homeowners will not be able to pull it off on their own, due to the sheer complexity of the project. With this in mind, you should first assess your situation and your skills. Are you truly fit to carry out such a project and do you have the tools needed? If so and you’re confident you can pull it off, you’ll want to learn precisely how to install garage door opener, by reading the information below.

install garage door opener

Examine Your Garage Opener Everything First

Before rushing ahead and attempting to learn how to install garage door opener, it is absolutely pertinent to make sure your existing garage door components are up to par. If something is damaged or inoperable, your new garage door opener will not be able to open and close the door as intended. So, before you pick up the garage door opener, it is essential to carefully examine all preexisting hardware. Take the time to look at the springs carefully. If these need to be greased, make sure you do so immediately.

garage door springs check

It would also be a good idea to make sure the door is completely balanced at this point. If the door is off balance, the door may very well become damaged when you attempt to open and close it. Close the door and yank on the emergency release cord, until the door is halfway off of the ground. Once you let go, the door should not move at all on its own. If the door moves at all, you’ll need to rebalance the door. However, if it remains in position, it is time to learn how to install a garage door opener.

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rebalance garage door

How To Choose A Garage Door Opener

Before learning how to install garage door opener, it is absolutely vital to make sure you select the right equipment. The specific type of equipment you will need depends on a handful of factors, including the weight of the door and how fast you wish the door to open. Although there are numerous factors to take into account, the most important one to consider is the overall horsepower of the garage door opener. The available openers range in HP from 1/3 HP up to 1 HP in some cases.

The mass majority of homeowners will be fine with a ½ HP garage door opener. However, if you have a wooden garage door, which is heavy, you’ll be wise to choose a ¾ HP opener. Just remember that a higher HP won’t increase the speed of the unit. And, it is possible to choose between chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive units. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of these, so you can acquire the best one for your budget.

wooden garage door

How To Install Garage Door Opener – Mount To Rail

Now, it is time to begin installing your garage door opener. Unless you have a friend, who is willing to help, you’ll need to think outside of the box and find a way to hold up the equipment. Although the unit won’t be excessively heavy, you will need your hands-free, in order to complete the installation. Therefore, it is wise to acquire the tallest ladder you can find. Usually, an 8-foot ladder will do the trick. Place the garage door opener at the top of the ladder. You may also need a few wooden blocks, in order to ensure its height perfectly aligns with the rail.

Before going any further, you need to make sure the garage door is open. This will make it much easier to install the garage door opener and align the door. Now, attach the garage door opener to the rail.

garage door opener rail

How To Install A Garage Door Opener – Attach The Strap

Before moving forward, it is time to move to the second step of learning how to install garage door opener. You’ll want to get a strap and use it to secure the equipment to the ceiling. Although the garage door opener may come with a strap, you may need to upgrade to something more durable and reliable. The strap needs to be very tough and strong. Solid mounting is absolutely vital and will decrease the vibration of the unit, while extending its lifespan. If the unit will be attached 6 inches from the ceiling, you will also want to add an angle brace to reduce the vibration further.

garage door opener strap

Once you’re ready to go, you should grab your angle iron and other straps and secure the unit to the ceiling. It is best to use 1-inch lag screws to make sure everything is secured tightly. If the ceiling has already been finished, you will want to use 3-inch lag screws and attach the angle iron to the bottom of the joist. Be sure to check the stability of the garage door opener, before moving forward.

Wire And Check

Once you’ve finished the steps above, it is time to complete the process. This will require you to plug in the garage door opener and attach the appropriate wires. This should be the easiest aspect of learning how to install a garage door opener and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Once you’re finished, the garage door opener should be ready to go. Place a battery in the associated keyfob or remote control and give the button a push. The garage door should open and close as intended. If something seems wrong, you will want to grab a 2 by 4 and place it underneath the center of the door.

plug in the garage door opener

Now, hit the button again. When the garage door hits the wood, it should automatically reverse itself and avoid damage. If the garage door is closing too roughly, you should make adjustments to the buttons on the back of the garage door opener. Turn the force adjustment up and down accordingly, until everything is perfect. And, you’re finished!

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