Every single element in a home contributes to its overall luster, and garage doors are no exception. Here are the top 10 best brands of garage door to outfit your garage with.

overhead garage door plano

10.) Hörmann
This UK-based garage door company ensures that its garage doors don’t take up too much space in the driveway, so as to give you ample room to park your hot rod. Its doors are made of rust-free aluminium and have their operating mechanisms located outside of the garage door’s support brackets for hassle-free maintenance.

9.) Overhead Door
From modern aluminium doors to old-fashioned Amish-style wooden ones, this Texan company has something for everyone. Overhead Door plano promises longevity and durability in each and every one of their garage doors. Its enhanced safety features ensure that it would take a lot more than conventional crookery to break into your house through the garage.

8.) Clopay
Also with a wide range of choices, Clopay provides customers with sleek, modern-looking garage doors. Their Avant collection in particular provides a good mix of stylish and sturdy with its customizable window glass and reinforced frame.

7.) Ankmar
Though adept at crafting all manner of plano garage door, Ankmar truly shines at making wooden garage doors. Their Renaissance 2000 series, in particular, is prized by homeowners for its exceptional durability facing even the harshest of the elements. Its interior skeleton ensures that there’s no storm too strong that would compromise its dependability.

6.) Eden Coast
For those eco-minded homeowners out there, you couldn’t go wrong with Eden Coast. Eden Coast provides garage doors made out of lightweight composite materials. You can rest assured that the garage doors’ composition does nothing to compromise the durability and customizability of your garage door.

5.) Carriage House Door Company
For people who like authentic vintage wood to grace their carports, Carriage House Door Company installs doors salvaged from old buildings either wholesale or crafted from its materials. If you’re looking for something that looks quaintly rustic to complement your home, look no further.

4.) BP Glass Garage Doors
This company specializes in stylish glass doors that are resistant to weather and other things that may cause damage. Their Hurricane line was so top-notch it was recommended to homeowners by the Miami-Dade County in Florida as its specifications allow it to perform above and beyond standard requirements for garage doors during hurricane season.

3.) Martin Garage Doors
Another specializer in glass-and-metal doors, Martin Garage Doors allows for the maximization of garage space and flexibility in terms of customization. Its simplistic design oozes modernity and has excellent durability.

2.) Silvelox
This Italy-based company crafts garage doors with a distinctly Italian touch. Its new line of doors features a two-tier overlap system that makes it even more space-efficient. These doors have trackless sectional doors that do away with ceiling tracks and utilize a double counterweight mechanism to open and close the door.

1.) Dynamic Garage Door
Another champion of the ecological front, Dynamic Garage Door provides doors made of hard wood and steel and everything else in between, all the while maintaining a standard of sturdiness, stylishness, and of course, eco-friendliness. This is by far the most elegant-looking of the bunch if you’re looking for a modern and eco-friendly garage door.