Introducing Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors operate to open or shut the doors of a garage or may be any place of such importance. There has been strictness in the rules so as to make it mandatory for the companies manufacturing garage it to install safety devices along with it in order to prevent accidents. But the main question which will also help us in troubleshooting its operation is that how exactly does garage door sensors work?

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How garage door sensors work

garage door sensors

Garage door sensors generally work on the basis of photo eyes. This is basically a technique which is based on the strategy that anything coming in the line of the closing door will be treated as an obstructing agent and will hence lead to the operating of the sensors which prevents it from closing that may generally be due to the breaking of the circuit contact due to any obstacle and hence the sensor stops to send the message to close the door.

Garage door sensors may work due to the:

  • Wired connections employed for the building, or it may be due to the
  • Remote control which is used to control door motion.

The door sensors which use remote access have few advantages along with some loop holes in it. Again this is also the case for wired connections.

Working of Garage Door Sensors

Features of Wires type:

  • These are a bit bulky as compared to remote ones
  • They are portability problem
  • They have lower costs
  • They are easy to repair as compared to remote ones

Features of Remote type:

  • They can be easily ported
  • They have a bit higher cost
  • They are not as bulky as wired ones
  • They are not so easy to repair and involves higher maintenance costs

Hence, we find that both the types of sensors have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, nowadays, generally garage door sensors are made which employ both the types of features, i.e., remote and wired ones. This is done to avail the benefits of both the types of sensors.

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What modern garage door sensors add

As already explained that the modern door sensors employ both the features of remote and wired type. Apart from these, they employ an infrared radio signals. The remote control assists to operate the motor attached with the door to start its motion. The infrared beams connect the photo eyes. When any obstacle comes in its path then the infrared beam ceases to make the contacts of the two photo eyes which have great impact on the garage door safety . When this occurs, the operation reverses itself, i.e., if the door was originally closing, then due to the obstacle it will reverse its operation and it will start to open. If required to go into the technicalities of this then we can say that there may be generally an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) employed in this which may be motorized to change the direction of the motion on the occurrence of any obstacle in its path.

When the remote button is pressed, the infrared signal activates the electric motor to make way for the track and pulley system to open or roll up garage door. The sensors are generally placed on either side of the door and may provide signals when any malfunctioning arises. Thus the modern sensors are complete package to assist the garage door motion.

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