Plano Garage door installation is a relatively quick and simple procedure when performed by a trained and experienced professional. The process of installing a garage door includes the installation of various electric and mechanical components of the door which include: installing the tracks on which the door will move, installing the door itself, placing and connecting the motor to both the door and the electric system that operates it, and more.  It is a precision job, as the dimensions of the door are custom-cut to the specifications of your garage. Therefore, certain parts of the process are longer than others- and it is in these parts where our technicians make a difference.

garage door installation plano

Garage door installation Plano Tx

step 1: choose your door

Clients should only order a garage door installation after they have chosen a door that fits their garage, their needs, and their budget. As a general rule, doors that swing open are cheaper, easier to install, yet less secure and usually need to be opened and closed by hand. These doors are generally used in older houses, or in garages which are detached from the structure of the main house. the most commonly used garage door plano in an attached house is the plano overhead door, which is either spring loaded or motor-driven. These doors are usually provide better security, but cost more to install and maintain. With these considerations (and others) in mind, clients should contact us to schedule a garage door installation.

plano garage door installation

step 2: Contact  Plano Garage Door Installation

Once you have ordered the garage door that you want for your home, it is time to call garage door installation plano tx in order to schedule a time for us to come and take care of the garage door installation. When we receive your call, one of our administration staff members will schedule an inspection appointment, during which we will evaluate the extent and complexity of the job in order to make sure that the installation goes smoothly. Once the door is ready, we will schedule a second appointment, during which we will install the garage door and garage door opener. After we have installed the door and made sure it works properly you will be given the remote controls, and we will be happy to assist you in regular maintenance and upkeep of your garage door and operating mechanism.

garage door installation in plano tx

Common Plano Garage Door Installation Questions

garage door installation plano tx

Q: Do you provide consulting services for clients?

A: Of course we do! We are always happy to give advice to clients who want us to handle the whole process of  their plano garage door installation. In fact- it is something that we have integrated into all of our services with considerable success.


Q: Can you install a new door on an existing track?

A: Not only can we do it, it is actually one of the most common services that our garage door installers provide. In this case we will accurately measure the distance between the tracks and custom order a new door from the manufacturer.