Garage door insulation is done with the aims of controlling the climatic conditions in the garage as well as prevention of disturbances from street noise. It also lowers energy bills.The insulation process should cost about two hundred dollars. This is the standard process for two nine foot wide doors.
One can insulate a garage door using batt insulation, foam board insulation and reflective insulation.
Batt insulation is a flexible type of insulation and it is made of fiberglass.
Foam board insulation is made of polystyrene and reflective insulation makes use of aluminium foil.All these types are very effective in controlling conditions in the garage to your preferred requirements.
For one to insulate a garage door, it is a good idea to purchase an insulation kit. The kit contains the insulation rolls or boards, fasteners, knives and gloves.
One should follow the following steps when one wants to insulate a garage door.

    • Gather all the materials that you need during the insulation process. You can buy the items separately or purchase an insulation kit.
      Take measurement of the doors. Cut up the insulation rolls or boards and add an inch to the cut up heights. This enables the creation of air gaps when you attach the
    • insulation to the door. The insulation should curve outward when it is attached. The air gap created reduces summer heat.
    • Repeat the measuring and cutting up process till the whole door is covered.
  1. Steel garage doors. With these types of doors, one can use any of the three types of insulation. Batt insulation can be stuffed in the frames around the panels or the foam board insulation can be used in the frame.
  2. Wood frame and panel doors.One can install two layers of foam board insulation between the door frames so as to control conditions in the garage.
  3. Flat garage doors.These can be insulated using reflective insulation or foam board insulation. The insulation is glued or taped to the door.