Garage door safety cables springs prevent a broken door extension spring from sailing around the garage and causing damage to your car. The safety cable is usually similar to a garage door cable, only that it is lighter in weight. It is commonly attached on the walls or garage door track just close enough to the stationary pulleys, fastened through the door springs, and then connected to the same support that holds the spring. Garage door safety cables are normally bought together with fittings at the ends of the cables, and nuts and bolts for stress-free installation.

Why do you need to use garage door safety cables ?

garag door safety cablesAccording to a recent report by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 20,000 of the injuries reported every year in hospital emergency rooms in the US are caused by garage doors. Many of these injuries occur due to malfunctioning parts of the door –most notably the garage door extension springs. The rest are caused by unsupervised children, worn out parts, and problematic door openers.

If you are hit by a garage door or an extension spring, the results are more likely to include crushed bones, fractures, and amputations. It would be even worse if the accident happened to your kids.

Apart from bodily harm, a garage door may cause major damages to your vehicle. You do not want to be billed over $400 for repairing a damaged windscreen yet you could have avoided the situation with an $8 garage door safety cable.

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How to Install Garage Door Safety Cables ?

You can install a door safety cable on your garage door in plano texas in a few simple steps. However, if you are not knowledgeable in this field, it is commendable to contact a professional garage door company. That being said, here are the steps to follow when you want to install a garage door safety cable.

  • Fasten one end of the safety cable on the metal horizontal frame close to where the cable from the movable pulley attaches. The metal frame has holes, so it won’t be difficult to fasten the cable. Go for a hole that is closer to the door opening to significantly reduce chances of binding.
  • Lace the cable through the center of the extension spring straight to the other end.
  • Fasten the cable through the holes on the vertical metal spring support just above the door and close enough to where the spring is attached. Loop the cable right back and use a clamp to hold it in place securely.

Now that you have completed these steps, check the ends of the cable where it is fastened to the metal frames to ensure that they are attached correctly. Once you are satisfied, move the garage door slowly to be certain that the cable does not bind and hinder the normal operation of the door. If it does, you will have to return it in position and start all over again. If it doesn’t, then your work is done!

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